About Printed Shadows

Over the past 30 years or so I have written extensively on Australian Literature – largely in the form of reviews and articles on Australian Poetry and Fiction. These reviews and articles have been spread across numerous small literary magazines, larger cultural journals, newspapers and even some on radio. Recently I realised that that it was difficult to recall many of the articles I had written and, of those that I could remember, it was difficult to locate them among my bookshelves and archives.

I then decided to gather as many of them as I could together on line. On one level this is an interesting personal exercise as I get to critically review the attitudes and beliefs I held about certain works, poets and writers stretching back over 30 years. On a level there maybe even be some value in dusting off some of these articles and making them a little more accessible – some may, in fact, hold some interest to someone else…..

In ‘rescuing’ these articles I’ve rejected, as much as possible, the temptation to ‘correct’ them or to ‘improve them’ – they are presented here pretty much exactly the same as they were when they were originally published.

I will continue to add to the articles here at the rate of about one per week for as long as I can keep finding them. The vast majority will be poetry or fiction reviews, but there will be the occasion theatre and film review and even some political and social commentary at times.

Please feel free to browse and leave your comments.

Remember these reviews are basically archived. I am still writing and reviewing and many of my more recent reviews can be found on Rochford Street Review

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Mark Roberts

November 2011

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