Mark Roberts Resume


  • 2016 Byron Bay Poetry Prize
  • 2014 Long Listed Joanne Burns Award
  • 2013 Runner Up Joanne Burns Award


  • Six Months. prose poems, chapbook. Rochford Press. Publication date July 2019
  • Concrete Flamingos. Poetry. Island Press 2016
  • Stepping Out of Line. Prose Poem Rochford Street Press 1986

Works in Progress

  • Subsidenza, Subsidence, Sedání. Novel
  • Lacuna. Memoir/history/creative nonfiction. Prose/Prose Poems/Prose. 
  • Lacuna Fragments (chapbook). 



  • ‘Ganhabula’ in Shuffle, An Anthology of Microlit, Spineless Wonders 2019
  • ‘Breaking – 1918’ in To End all Wars, Puncher & Wattmann 2018
  • ‘Two Photographs’ in The Disappearing Project, The Red Room Company 2016
  • ‘Pearl Meat’ and ‘Mist’ (Poems), Forgetting is So Long : An Anthology of Australian Love Poetry Black Rune Press Melbourne 2016
  • Port Hacking Poem’ and ‘Fairyland’ (Poems) Guide to Sydney Rivers, Muese Press Sydney 2015
  • ‘Fishing at Swansea’ and ‘Two Photographs’ (Poems) A Slow Combusting Hymn : Poetry from and About Newcastle and the Hunter Region in Newcastle ASM and Cerberus Press 2014
  • ‘City Circle’ (Micro Fiction) Flashing the Square : Microfiction and Prose Poems Spineless Wonders 2014
  • ‘Cities That are Not Dublin’ (Fiction) Writing to the Edge Spineless WOnders 2013
  • ‘Library Sex’ and ‘I read you like a poem’  Australian Love Poems 2013 Inkerman & Blunt 2013
  • ‘Walking the Landscape’ (poem)  Notes for the Translators : From 142 New Zealand and Australian Poets ASM and Cerberus Press 2012
  • ‘Cameraman’ (poem)  The Best Australian Poems 2012
  • Contributor to The Good Reading: 100 Critics Review Contemporary Fiction compiled by Helen Daniel McPhee Gribble 1989

Selected Magazine and Journal Publication – Creative


Selected Articles and Reviews

  • ‘Luciano Prisco – New Works, Poems from Christopher Barnett: Mark Roberts on Christopher Barnett, Poetry and Collaboration’ introduction to the exhibition held at Langford 120 Gallery, Melbourne 10 September to 9 October 2016.
  • Making Connections : Mark Roberts Launches Headwaters by Anthony Lawrence at the Newcastle Writers Festival’ Rochford Street Review Issue 18 2016
  • A Very Sydney Decadence : Mark Roberts Reviews ‘Ruben Guthrie’ (Movie Review) Rochford Street Review Issue 15 2015.
  • ‘2,500 Years Ago Slam Poetry Was Born: Previewing Poetic License by Outer Urban Projects’ Rochford Street Review Issue 14 2015.
  • ‘The Doing Is the Discovery and the Discovery Is the Making : Sheila Murphy Talks to Mark Roberts’ Rochford Street Review Issue 14 2015.
  • ‘Tim Thorne’s The Unspeak Poems and Other Verses’ Review Cordite Poetry Review No 49.0 2015.
  • Mallarme Got It Wrong : Mark Roberts Reviews Captives by Angela Meyer’  Rochford Street Review Issue 13 2015
  • Pushing Boundaries. Mark Roberts Reviews Beside Rivers by Susan Adams Rochford Street Review Issue 11 2014
  • ‘Pushing Boundaries : Mark Roberts Reviews Amphora by Joanne Burns’ Rochford Street Review Issue 7 2013
  • ‘Fragments and the Whole : Mark Roberts Reviews The Pursuit of Happiness by Laurie Duggan  Rochford Street Review Issue 7 2013.
  • ‘The Ultimate Commitment : Michael Dransfield on the 40th Anniversary of His Death’ Rochford Street Review Issue 7 2013.
  • Spinifex Press and Finola Moorhead’s Modern Classic Rochford Street Review Issue 7 2013.
  • ‘Confronting the Culture, Language and History of War : Mark Roberts Reviews Valence: Considering War Through Poetry and Theory by Susan Hawthorne’
  • ‘Cornelis Vleeskens : Towards a Retrospective’ P76 Issue 7 2012
  • ‘Playful Interplay : Mark Roberts Reviews Portraits – 54 Poems by Lizz Murphy’ Rochford Street Review , No. 8 2013
  • ‘Savouring the Undertow: Mark Roberts Reviews Body Language by Elizabeth Allen’  Rochford Street Review , Issue 6 2013
  • ‘Sweet Flesh of Memory: Mark Roberts Reviews  Burning Rice by Eileen Chong’ Rochford Street Review , Issue 6 2013.
  • ‘Music and Words: Mark Roberts Reviews Seven Stations : Love Poems For Sydney by  Chris Mansell’  Rochford Street Review, Issue 6 2013.
  • Something Disconcerting and Delicious: Mark Roberts Reviews Schadenvale Road by Chris Mansell Rochford Street Review  No 5 2012.
  • Torn Papyrus and Weathered Stone: Mark Roberts Reviews N Thing is Set in St ne by Cecilia White Rochford Street Review  No 4 2012.
  • ‘Concentrated ‘Ratbaggery: Mark Roberts Reviews Barking Wings by Les Wicks’ Rochford Street Review  No 5 2012.
  • ‘Little Gems of Poems: Mark Roberts Reviews Knuckled by Fiona Wright’  Rochford Street Review  No 5 2012.
  • ‘Prose Poem or Travel Writing? Mark Roberts Reviews Vanuatu Moon : A Prose Poem by Paul Cliff’ Rochford Street Review  No 3 2012.
  • ‘Structure, Technique and Passion Mark Roberts Reviews The Abbotsford Mysteries by Patricia Sykes’ Rochford Street Review  No 3 2012.
  • ‘I say AU, you say UA….. Mark Roberts Reviews ‘Contemporary Poetry of Ukraine and Australia’ Rochford Street Review  No 2 2012.
  • ‘Scattered Jewels:  Mark Roberts Reviews  Allotments by Laurie Duggan’ Rochford Street Review  No 2 2012.
  • ‘Mark Roberts Reviews The Best Australian Poems 2011 Cordite Poetry Review Vol. 39.1 2012;
  • ‘The Beautiful Dead: Mark Roberts Reviews Thirteen Poems from the Dead’ by Rae Desmond Jones  Rochford Street Review No. 1 2011
  • ‘Blending into the Buddha Tree Mark Roberts Reviews The Bearded Chameleon’ by Chris Mooney-Singh Rochford Street Review No. 1 2011.
  • ‘Review of Pushing at Silence by Andrew Burke’  Scarp , June no. 30 1997
  • ‘Review of The Sky is Moving: Poems for Voice and Movement 1994 selected work poetry ; Do Fish Get Seasick : A Collection of Damn Bus Poems Lizz Murphy
  • ‘Review of In the Dog Box of Summer by Coral Hull’  Scarp , No. 26 1995.
  • ‘Review of Day Easy Sunlight Fine by Chris Mansell’ Scarp , No. 26 1995
  • ‘Review of Abrasion by Jenny Boult and Hot Collation’ by Jenny Boult, Sue Moss, Coral Hull and Chris Mansel  Scarp, No. 26 1995
  • ‘God and Landscape: A Review of Between Glances Andrew Lansdown’ and On My Empty Feet by Rhyll McMaster’  Overland No. 135 1994
  • ‘Tumbling and Balancing: A Review of A Big Life Susan Johnson’ Overland No. 135 1994.
  • ‘Review of The Great Wall of Instinct by Martin Langford and The Flower Ornament by Leith Morton’ Scarp No 24 May 1994
  • ‘Towards a New Diversity: Martin Johnston and the New Australian Poetry’ Island No 58 1994
  • ‘Spiritual Questions: A Review of Easter Sunday Peter Skrzynecki’ Australian Book Review No 157 Dec/Jan 1993/94
  • ‘What it Might Imply: A Review of Up On All Fours by Philip Hodgins’ Australian Book Review No 155 October 1993
  • ‘Real Community: A Review of The Edge of It by Colleen Burke’ Australian Book Review No 149 April 1993
  • ‘History, Imagination and Little Red Riding Hood: A Review of Review of The Common Rat by Carmel Bird’ Overland No 131 1993
  • ‘Review of Flagging Down Time by Jill Jones and Minga Street: New and Selected Poems by Craig Powell Scarp No 23 1993
  • ‘Review of Four Zoas of Australia by Norman Talbot and The Naming of the Harbour and the Trees by Christopher Kelen‘ Scarp No 22 1993
  • ‘New Romance: A Review of My Look’s Caress : A Collection of Modern RomancesSoutherly Vol 51 1991
  • ‘Anthology Adrift in Mid-Tasman: A Review of Speaking with the Sun : New Stories from Australian and New Zealand WritersSydney Morning Herald 8 June 1991
  • ‘Clarity and Skill Give Impact to War Stories: A Review of Journeys into Night D. E. Charlwood and Tall Grow the Tallow-Woods Geoffrey C. Bingham’ Australian Book Review No 134 Sept 1991
  • ‘Fallen Angels and Tax Inspectors: A Review of The Tax Inspector by Peter Carey’  The Sydney Review No 34 August 1991
  • ‘Small Magazines and Presses’ Editions February no. 6 1990
  • ‘Small Magazines at the Canberra WordFest’ Editions , December-January no. 5 1989-1990
  • ‘The Pathetic Jogger: A Review of Hitting the Wall : Two Novellas by David Foster’ Australian Book Review No 109 April 1989
  • ‘Small Press Blockbusters: A Review of Scripsi vol. 5 no. 4 1989 and First Rights: A Decade of Island Magazine‘ Editions No 4 November 1989
  • ‘Exiles to the Future and Beyond: A Review of Song of Gondwana by Craig Robertson’ Australian Bookseller & Publisher  October no. 115 1989



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